Adult appointments

What to bring for ADULT appointment


The appointment may last 1½ hours.

Please note Dr Dunlop does not see  workers compensation or 3rd party cases.

What to bring with you:

*Medicare, Veteran’s, pension or health care card
*referral letter/s
*previous letters or information
*relevant imaging reports
*list of medications, health/herbal supplements etc
*your favourite glasses, and glasses that are not  suitable (to compare), glasses prescription/script
*1-3 photos on your phone of what you see  eg eye turn, lid position, redness etc




The appointment is usually in 2 stages.

1st stage:

Your information sheet

Initial history, measurement of glasses, testing of vision, initial intraocular pressure check

Specific testing – ultrasound, OCT, visual fields if indicated/requested

Dr Dunlop’s specific history

Specific testing of vision, eye position

Examination on slit-lamp, specific testing as indicated

Dilating drops if indicated –The drops will make your vision blurry for close work and glary outside. It may be wise to bring a driver if you have drops.

The wait time will depend on,

* colour of your eyes - darker eyes contain more pigment and take longer to dilate

* diabetic pupils don’t dilate as well

*larger pupils are needed for retinal flashes/floater examinations and some laser treatments

NB extra drops may be required.


2nd stage:

NB Vision and glasses testing is not accurate after the eyes have been dilated.

Dr Dunlop will check your eyes on the slit-lamp. Further examination will depend on the specific concerns/problem.

Next will be a discussion of your results/answer of your questions

Dr Dunlop’s summarised information sheets if needed to take home

Plan management

Suggest preventative/active treatment if required

Suggest further evaluation/tests if indicated

Suggested follow-up time