Childrens Eye Drops

 Eye Drops :   CYCLOGYL   

 (Cyclopentolate – 0.5%, 1%)


These drops are used in babies and children and occasionally in adults for an accurate refraction.

  • They reduce accommodation (focussing) while so Dr Dunlop can measures the true eye focussing measurement
  • They also enlarge the pupil, so Dr Dunlop can view inside the eye to check the macula, optic nerve and retina.


The drops last approximately 24 hours. (in very brown eyes other drops, lasting approximately 3 days, may be needed). During this time, your baby/child will be,


    a) Aware of glare (keep out of direct sunlight)

    b) Be blurry (no school work, hand-held computer games, reading or homework for 24 hours – TV is OK.)


Allergic reactions to these eye drops are very uncommon. eg a skin rash

It is also uncommon for your baby or child to become flushed or hot. We make up 0.5% drops to reduce this side-effect.

If your baby or child becomes flushed or hot, take off any warm clothing and bathe their hair/head with cool water. It is rare for the temperature to remain high. Please let us know if your baby or child becomes hot. Your local doctor should be notified to prevent a febrile convulsion, if the temperature is very high. This is extremely rare.


NB.    The drops do NOT sting but are ‘wet’ like water.