Fears devices with small screens lead to vision problems for children

By  Catherine Dunlop

A Hamilton eye specialist is urging parents not to give young children electronic devices with small screens for Christmas after seeing an increasing number developing eye problems.

Catherine Dunlop said when young children use small devices their eyes have to focus harder and in some cases one eye can turn inwards.

She said the vision can be impaired in the eye that turns.

Dr Dunlop said she had a number of children attend her surgery after Christmas last year.

"What was happening was they shouldn't have had an eye turn, they shouldn't have had poor vision in one eye, their eyes were healthy," she said.

"When we actually went down to the nitty gritty, they'd been given a Christmas present of a phone that they played games on non-stop or very small computer screens.

"So under seven or eight you have a risk of having poor vision in an eye that's turning inwards.

"So a small screen means you've got to focus harder, there's more risk that the eye could turn in.

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