Keep well in COVID times

By  Catherine Dunlop


In COVID times,

Keep well

By Dr Catherine Dunlop


It’s time to think about keeping well before meeting the virus.

Protect your lungs. Oxygen is essential for life. Healthy lungs absorb oxygen from the air.

 Don’t vape, (I don’t either). If you smoke, think about patches.

Avoid touching your face, eyes or glasses. The virus enters the body from nose, mouth and lungs and possibly the lining of the eyes (conjunctiva).  When you come home from the shops or doctors, wash your hands and glasses with soap and water.

Give up the fad diets. Oxygen is transported around the body by red blood cells. If you are a little anaemic, you will have a little less oxygen when you need it.

Use your muscles. Even a little exercise makes you feel good and helps the blood sugar levels. Try some old fashion exercise eg hopscotch for children. For those who are older or need to sit, do you remember semaphore (taught by boy scouts, girl guides)? Different arm positions are represent   different letters of the alphabet. This will test your memory, as well as exercise your arms. If you want a cup of tea, you would have to signal letter T E A ie 3 letters. Coffee would be 4 letters. Water 5 letters. (I will get my own breakfast- too many letters)

Keep well