Restarting our Eye Routines in COVID times

By  Catherine Dunlop


In COVID times,

Restarting our Eye Routines.

By Dr Catherine Dunlop


It’s great. Now we can start to get back into a familiar routine.

Many children are long-sighted and have glasses for school. Now is the time to find them and start using them. Long-sighted eyes need to focus more, to see clearly. Using the glasses will reduce tiring and improve concentration.

Eye drops are used to control eye pressure/glaucoma. Now is the time to phone your chemist. Out of date drops should be replaced. Renew your prescription. Let’s get back into a routine of consistent use. It’s safer for your vision. Glaucoma is a “sneak thief of vision”. Remember to use your drops regularly.

Macular degeneration affects the central reading vision. Are you checking your grid pattern regularly? Time to find that grid pattern. Check each eye at the beginning of the month and during the month. This means you will know your eyes are stable. If there are any new changes, it is important to have a prompt review to protect your vision.

Let’s get back to our familiar eye routines and be eye safe.