Our Staff

Medical and surgical eye specialists and ophthalmic surgeons:

Dr Donald B Dunlop – retired

Dr Catherine Dunlop – full-time

Dr Anthony Dunlop – full-time


Qualified orthoptists.

Mrs Patricia Dunlop – with 65yrs experience -  retired

Mrs Penny Britz – with 40yrs experience - retired

Mrs Annie Harrison - university trained -part-time

Miss Izzie Scott - university trained - part-time

Mrs Chris McCullagh - senior experienced - part-time


Ophthalmic assistants/medical secretaries.

Julie- senior ophthalmic assistant with 40yrs experience with us - retired 2017

Rachelle-senior ophthalmic assistant with 25yrs experience with us

Denise-senior ophthalmic assistant with 20yrs experience

Deb-ophthalmic assistant/medical secretary

Jenny -medical secretary

Melanie -medical secretary

Tammy - medical secretary