Your personal information and privacy is respected.

Any potential breach is taken very seriously. Please contact Dr Dunlop if you have any concerns, eg letter marked personal and confidential. Note that children's clinical information is available to both parents unless there is a court order to restrict information.

Please be aware Dr Dunlop does collect information for,

*Compulsory self-assessment using audits (as required for medical registration in Australia)

*Clinical audits: Using audits we seek to maintain high standards of care and detect areas where we could do better to improve outcomes for patients.
*Yearly audits:

*Research: Dr Dunlop is involved in research. Any clinical information is made anonymous, before reviewing.

*Clinical photos: Sometimes clinical photos are taken to record the eye position or condition. Dr Dunlop will always ask if you would be happy to have photos taken. The photo may be included in a clinical audit, research or presentation. Only the relevant part of the eyes will be used. Other parts of the photo are cropped or blacked out. This protects your privacy and ensures it is anonymous and unidentifiable. Please let Dr Dunlop know if you have any concerns.